Stigma for sz/bipolar

If pdoc is the only one who can understand the pain and suffering. Then its suffering within suffering. There should be awareness among people that sz and bipolar people can function but they have some limitations. And there should be work for us considering the facts so that we need not worry. If this is in place in some countries great. But it should be spread across the globe.

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It’s because I look and act so normal that I feel this inner guilt that I should be keeping up with Joneses when I have no real desire to do so. I can’t tell anyone why I’m lazy about some things because if I did I would get no empathy only abhorrence. So I’m just going to have to try harder. I don’t really have a choice.


People are afraid of difference and will do seriously disturbing things to maintain their suppossed superiority over others.

It’s a long struggle but some things help. There are decent people getting out there and fighting everyday but as a sufferer that sort of involvement comes at a cost.


It’s really affected my self esteem