Stigma against people at risk of psychosis a systematic review

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I didnt need a document like that to confirm it.

Ive had stigma for years - even to the point i had to move town and go street homeless.

Im sure most of us on here have experienced it.

The only perverted “upside” is - if they find out your schizophrenic - the leeches and the junkies of this community are more likely to leave you alone incase you go “psycho” on them. Its the one occasion - when stigma has worked in my favour.


I think a lot of the stigma quantity depends on how well you present. If you’re good company for people and can pass as a normal person then people can be very forgiving of the diagnosis. I always made an effort to be as reasonable and prosocial as I could manage in any and all social encounters, so I managed to keep most people on my side. A few sociopathic bullies would take advantage of my niceness but I didn’t take that personally. Bullies just want someone to bully and that’s it, they don’t really care who the hell it is they pick on.

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For me it’s been hard to pass as ‘normal’ . However I firmly believe that has been due more to the ASD than the sz/sz-a .
If you have an unusual gait,as I have, then that will trigger others to think that you’re a bit weird. Then there’s things like body language and facial expressions. that can add to the way people view you.

Yeah, i hate the stigma myself. The landlord where i live, hates me because he cant understand why a healthy lookin man, apparently well behaved, don’t have a job and i cant tell him that i just came out of hospital after 8 failed ect treatment, and my thoughts are a mess, and yesterday i really wanted to drink a bottle of brandy, takin some oxazepam and go out on the meadow and go to a eternal sleep

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@bluebutterfly Nah dont do that mate. Stay off the brandy. Maintain a calm logical approach. We have to have negatives in our lives so we appreciate the positive stuff.

Just maintain a professional distance with your landlord. Your medical history is none of his business. So long as your rent is paid - he should fck off and leave you in peace.

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Mentally ill people can face stigma and discrimination.

Just give me the @$%%!! research money, already!

The main stigma I faced was before I got treatment, I was wildly psychotic, and trying to convince people for all sorts of things.

There has to be a better way to diagnose than leave someone in that state for months before making a diagnosis.

Thanks, @Naarai , yea all that stuff about the brandy and the meadow was yesterday. Better today… i will try to ignore him and keep a kind of logic

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I don’t face any stigma.
On the other hand, my sz doesn’t define me.
I have always resisted psychiatry and eventually found non-medicative methods to deal with sz symptoms. I function very well.

I was diagnosed Sz around the age of 39.

I had already established my job…family…and friends-set. So I can’t honestly say I’ve ever faced stigma or any sort of discrimination.

None of my peers changed when they found out about my affliction.

Ha. The ex-wife has still yet to learn that im no risk to my Daughter cos im Schizophrenic. She has a fear from me. Im sure she still believes if im left alone with her - my lil girl would come to harm.

Unfortunatly - some of the social workers caring for my girl still have that un-educated view too. She has Autism. I only pray and hope when shes 18 this year in march - she will make her own mind up and come looking for me.

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I think its part stigma and part eliteism. Many people like to feel superior.

Because I am resilient stigma does’t effect me