Steroids bodybuilding sza

I’m looking to take Anavar and go on a cutting cycle for maybe 4-6 weeks as you know Anavar is a mild androgenic, there’s a chance I might catch side effects but a zero percent chance for side effects if I take nolvadex or clomid along with it. Why in case you didn’t know nolvadex prevents such side effects of gyno, however due to Anavar being slight androgenic side effects are rare. But just to be safe. And an anti estrogen component. Seroquel has put on fat I’ve been on a cut for a while. Down from 250lb to 234lb naturally. Herbal supplements have aided the process. But as far as keeping muscle while being at a caloric defecit in diet, Anavar will play a big role in. Has anybody else had experience with bodybuilding steroids?

I would suggest you PM mortimermouse. He will certainly advise you against steroids, but he knows all about workout supplements and whatnot.

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I don’t need steriod to get ripped/buffed,I just train my best and take high protient food

Heard steriod do a lot of harm to body and can get you addicted