Stereopsis causes a lot of visual misunderstanding

Imagine everything you saw was like a picture. That is how I see. I have stereopsis - no depth perception. I think I thought I was stupid because of it but it’s got nothing to do with intelligence. It caused me to have to ask a lot of questions that might have seemed stupid to the well seeing.


vision is a big thing!

I still play competitive cricket at 47. My vision is deteriorating quite markedly but I still go out there and have a go.

You can get hit and die from a cricket ball. It’s serious shite but I love the sport and keep going.

i can see how that affects you! No fun! Your not stupid. It is a physical thing much like schizophrenia!


I am English so am a big cricket fan! Are you a batsman or bowler?

opening bat in the lowest side…I’m too old and fat! I still do allright…average in the teens to twenties…If I’m fit I’d bowl medium pace inswingers…but it’s been year since i’ve bowled!

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My uncle played for Yorkshire over 50s first team. They got to the semi’s of the national cup. The final was at lords! Keep up the cricket man. I live in Scotland now so only watch it on tv. Looking forward to this winters ashes.


It’s summer out here…we actually have a day off our competition…we play every saturday afternoon, for the first test in brisbane. I’m from north of there but my cricket club is in the city…I actually volunteer at my cricket club and know how to bring up a turf wicket…We use the same soil as the GAbba if you know that venue! I’ve been to the centre of the GAbba whilst we took back some equipment.

Love the game! Love my club…the Gold Crest Cobras…love cricket fans!


For sure I know the gabba! Have a cap from there and the waca. My folks have been on cricket holidays to aus many times. I would love to go to Australia for the sport. I am from wigan originally - you may have heard of their rugby league team?


I wish I knew more about cricket. For now, I’ll be content to Google it.

Thank you for introducing me to stereopsis, Chordy. It must create a lot of additional challenges for you. I can’t imagine.

I hate steps!!!