Steps to a primal/Paleo diet I want to take slowly. Reducing sugar and gluten. Any tips?

Today I bought exciting nutrition books to read, started one about primal lifestyle.

Basically how our earliest human ancestors ate and their healthy habits - walking, sprinting,lifting,sunlight exposure,proper sleep and less stress.

I tried the Paleo diet last month but then my relapse stopped any more efforts and I fell back to a high carb and junk food diet - anything because I didn’t want to cook and felt so depressed

But now I want to resume the Paleo (primal) diet - low carbs, eat lots more veggies, fruits and eggs and a little meat sometimes, like a “Paleotarian” diet - semi vegetarian with a bit of meat.

That means to cut out carbs in form of grains and sugar and legumes

Very tricky when you eat porridge and noodles and bread every day and sugar in your coffee and in marmalade etc

But I want to take back my health from the jaws of my sza and take baby steps to living primally

I’m just wondering if my desire to kill some animals is the hunter in me…but that’s just speculation…

I want to start by identifying and reducing my sugar and gluten intake

Then reducing my grains and legumes sloooowly but surely.

And get used to black coffee and less sugar - again veeeeery slow because no sugar in my coffee presently I find awful to the taste.

So I’ve read some of you on here (like @Charles_Foster if I can remember) have reduced your sugar or carb intake and I’m wondering how did it go for you guys? And how do the diabetics here (like @Bowens and others) do with their diet.

Any tips to reduce sugar from you guys?

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Suddenly changing my diet was very difficult.

(I cut out sugars)

But after a few days eased up a bit,

Now I feel better and am losing weight.

That being said, a word of caution:

I experienced some psychosis like symptoms when I cut my sugar and my doctor is now saying that my diet changes were responsible.

If I could do it again, I’d ease into a new diet.

Drastic changes in basically anything can set us off.

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I still occasionally have sugar when blood sugar is on the lower end.

I’ll be honest. I’m not yet an expert at determining what is going to raise blood sugar too much. I am still experimenting with some foods to see what I can get away with, with taking meds at same time and keeping blood sugar at an even keel.

Sugar is in A LOT of foods. Same with carbs.

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After a week into Paleo I also hit a low and also wondering how to transition so that I don’t relapse again doing it

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I cut sugar completely and soon after began experiencing a lot of health issues. Probably because I cut it too quickly and was possibly already prediabetic, but my blood pressure went crazy, too.

So be careful with any diet changes. Ease into it.


You mean the human ancestors that had less than half the lifespan we enjoy now?

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Wow some of you guys are very encouraging :sob:

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Do you want people to lie to you or encourage you to be healthy? Websites and books just want to sell you things usually. We want you to be healthy


I may be bucking the trend here, but I think a whole foods pre-agricultural diet is the way to go, ie not that different from a paleo diet.

Stick with it!

If you find yourself not feeling good for a few weeks in a row then maybe it isn’t for you.

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Isn’t it better to be informed of both the pro’s and con’s of a diet?

Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. I need to ease into it yes.

Yes true. I just feel so interested in trying new styles of eating to improve health. I’m seeking to find the diet that’s best for me. In the end there isn’t a perfect diet except one that balanced properly and moderate. But I eat carbs too much so a Paleotarian shift could do me good. I don’t want to exhaust my insulin from all the sugar. And I don’t want all those processed things whereas veggies are so much better! I found that in that week I was eating Paleo I ate more veggies than ever before so it was beneficial to me.

Uh huh. See what happens when you go long enough without iodized salt.

I did a (brief) lookup for Iodine and it seems eggs, seafood and beef liver have it. Can’t say I’ve ever had Iodized salt before but it is probably put in foods I eat.

Im gonna go on the Etsal diet.

I see it I eats all

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Access to all of the above was extremely limited in a paleo diet resulting in iodine deficiency. In fact, access to all of the above was limited until the mid 1900s, thus iodized salt to combat the issue. The food selection in modern supermarkets makes iodine deficieny unlikely these days. Yay progress.

You’ve had it unless you live on Kosher salt.


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