Stealing true or false I can’t tell

Every time something goes missing I blame someone and think they took it & im convinced they did and it always starts arguments


I used to do that…it would always show up after I accused someone of stealing it…embarrassing.

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My dad thinks everything that goes missing is stolen and sold to people for my brother to buy weed.

Me, I lose things and simultaneously assume I lost it or it was stolen but can’t decide which. Depends on the legitimate monetary value of the item and if I think it’s worth pawning off on someone.


It’s a wedding ring

yep my mother (paranoid sz) do this every time, how did this end the other times, did you find these things?

Me too. 1515151515151515151515.

I always blame fred the tentacle monster. He keeps stealing my pens


He gets yours too… that bastarde…


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