Staying up late. can't sleep

I am too worried about my friend in the hospital plus I’m still excited that soon I will be selling prints of my artwork…just going to drink coffee and stay here until late…mixed emotions…happy and sad.


Is your friend in the hospital okay? That’s good you’re selling your artwork prints. I have bouts of insomnia sometimes.

@roxanna my friend is disoriented and doesn’t know where he is…barely recognizing people he knows…stuff like that…very upsetting.

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Ever since I have been back on the forum, my sleeping schedule has gone to heck. I seem to often stay up late on the forum and then end up napping throughout the day, which in turn keeps me up at night the following evening. It seems to be developing into a circular pattern.

SOrry about your friend, Jukebox.


I tend to sleep in late…which causes me to stay up too…I don’t hardly nap. sometimes I go to bed early and wake up around midnight…thanks for caring about my friend…he is in a bad place right now.

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I’ve been having problems with my sleep schedule, but I think I’m getting 6 - 8 hours a day, but it varies when.

Guess what time I woke up today? 11 PM lol.

I am staying up until tomorrow night to fix it but this happens often.

If you’re lonely the forum has peeps to keep you company! I’ll be watching the Say Anything thread.

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say anything thread is too busy for me…I just wait for ppl to say hi here.

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Yeah I don’t post on it as much because there are so many people I don’t recognize. I guess I’m kind of shy or something :open_mouth:

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I’m up because I’m keeping an eye out the window for the aurora. No luck so far - too much cloud cover probably.


wow, that would be something…cool man.

Gee, it’s only 2:36am here. I feel like it should be 4 or 5, time to get up.

I sleep sporadically. I get my rest on the couch usually. Tv on , radio playing- yeppers that’s me.

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