Staying up...feel like chatting

what’s everyone doing on here this late? I am just listening to music and drinking coffee…

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I don’t mind chatting, I’m super bored. I pre ordered an Xbox Series X and now I just can’t wait for it. Won’t ship until November 10 when it comes out though.

Everybody on this board seems to drink coffee, I feel left out… but I can’t help but think it would make me manic.

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I’m just getting ready for bed. I’ve been trying to sleep, but my best friend and stepmom in crisis. I’m okay. I’m just trying to find resources.

Hey @jukebox
You still toking these days?

It’s 1248 here. I haven’t had any caffeine today and I’m wide awake

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It’s 12:50am. I just woke up. Might stay up a while. Make some coffee. Turn the radio on.


Me either. I hope you can rest soon.

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