Staying single wouldn't be so hard if

… my sex drive wasn’t so darn high. At times, it drives me around the bloody bend. I was volunteering at the hospital today, and the place was teeming with beautiful women. There’s this one of them I particularly like, but I think I creep her out. She’s a university student I think, so why am I worrying? Whenever I see her, I forget to look away. I’d rather not risk losing my volunteering position. If I started hitting on even one woman, it would start a domino effect. I’m too old to be feeling this way, I know.


i’m sorry, I think if my partner and I broke up she would have a hard time being single since her sex drive is so high. but i’d rather not think of that. could you masterbate before you do in to volunteer?

Some ap’s and ad’s dampen sexual desire.

I have almost no sex drive, Idk if it’s due to my meds but anyway I also think it’s easier to be single if you have no sex drive.

What makes you stay single? Why not follow your feelings.

I guess I always figured since I’m not able to work, what’s the point of having a relationship? Maybe that’s not a good enough reason. Another thing is, I’ve always assumed that “keeping a professional distance” while volunteering means not asking a staff member or another volunteer on a date. I’m 38 right now with not a lot of dating experience, and I figure if I had gone after it the right way, something would have happened by now. That’s it in a nutshell.

I’m actually 36 and 35 as per the official registered date of birth. Single, male. Always believed in love marriage. Love marriage? Not so happening.

Yeah my sexual drive is off the charts… only masturbation… never had sex.

Am pretty sure I will stay single for the rest of my life. Relationships are too complicated for me to understand.

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All the best. I hope my theory becomes a hit and then may be I will have a lover. Hope… not turning to reality.