Staying on benefits (SSI/ESA) for a long time?

I had a job interview last week. If I get the job I’m not sure if I’ll accept it now. I went almost a whole month without derealization, but then it happened to me today when I went for a walk at my local park. Derealization is preventing me from being able to work. I’m scared it will happen at work then I’ll end up losing the job…Staying out of work is not the end of the world for me though. I know I could just focus on music production. I wish I could turn music production into a career. Then I could literally work from my bedroom…

Is it ok to stay on benefits for a long time? I’ve been on employement support allowance for almost 2 years now.

I’ve been on benefits for more than ten years
I get derealization, paranoia and voices which have chased me out of jobs in the past
Now I’ve been a volunteer for about seven years


I’m 7 years on benefits. Looks bad on your resumé but then again I plan to be self-employed. Problem solved!


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