Stay when grandmother's gone

If grandmother doesn’t have house set up in someone’s name before she dies or in her will will it have to be sold. Whenshe does. I’m not sure where I will live her house or fix basement up at brothers house

Do you feel comfortable bringing up the topic with her? How old is grandma?

Once before said put in my brothers name and I always have a place to stay . Yesterday when asked her said I would not be her responsibility anymore and may have to sell it.

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If there’s no will do u have to sell it?

I think you do have to sell it without a will

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I read where I’m from go by who survived by . If it’s just descend nts and no spouse the decesendents get the house

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The house has to be sold to divide the money between the descendants

If there is no will, whatever there is will be split among family.
If there was no relatives, it goes to the state.

I don’t know. It may depend on what country you live in. I don’t think my step grandfather left his house in his will. He died last year and his kids haven’t sold his house. I live in the USA.

May just have fix basement up at brothers house there’s no electricity . Store my stuff there and sleep on sofa. My sis in law said would never be homeless and always have them to help out. Think they will let me do that?

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