Stay at home people- what do you do?

Hello doctors was okay she is referring me to anger management course and adult mental health.
She said I spend too long thinking about the wives and truing to make myself obese so I need some new hobbies or distractions.
I do not like going outside people make fun of me because of my weight and clothes.

What can I do inside my house to dostract me from king life? Everything doctor suggested was outdoors but doing those thinhs make me angry and shout.

Thank you


U arent king anymore…did u tell this to ur pdoc…that u suppose ur king henry …!!!

Well, people are jerks,

You can’t let that stand in the way of your health.

Get out there, walk around.

Its good for your mind and body.

I feel like you’ve probably built your living space to cater to your delusions, so the doctor is right, you need to get out of there and face some reality.

Also, I meant to ask earlier,

Where are you getting all these plum pies?

I’m just asking, for a friend…

Why do you shout?haha

A Wii Fit helped me lose weight. Perhaps a video game exercise system might be a fun way for you to drop some pounds without leaving your home?