Staus report

Well venturing into the city has gone quite well. Have a pretty lovely chaperone guiding the way.

Last night was sort of a ■■■■ storm. Phone was dying and I was incredibly tired. Girl was working till close so I decided I’d uber to her place. She gave me her keys. Got back here and got some sleep. Woke up around two am. Laid there for a couple hours waiting for her to get back before I had realized that she was locked out. Ran around the block looking for her car, of course she just phoned a friend to find a place to stay. My phone was dead and for some reason I thought she had a different charger than I needed. Was actually looking for her laptop charger when I found the lightning cable.

Plugged my phone in and sure enough there were 9 messages from people worrying about me. Sucks. I feel pretty negligent in letting my phone die. Also doubly so as she was calling me to try and get in.

She was too tired to make the drive back when I did start messaging her.

Kind of sucks. I miss her. She’ll be back whenever she wakes up though.

Ah… Anyways chicago is cool. The northern area is pretty sweet. Spent most of the day there. Uber pooling is cheap as ■■■■.

It’s odd the bar owner was being super cool. I don’t know how he wouldn’t have noticed all the free ■■■■ she was giving me.

Anyways. Just checking in with you guys. Kind of stranded in a sense. No car/awareness of where things are around here. Alone for now. She said she’d try and be back by 8 am. I’m guessing it’ll be longer. So it goes.


My ecig can be used to charge phones. But if my phone ran out of juice, I’d probably keep my ecig going and let the phone out of juice. But it’s good in an emergency. If I actually went anywhere that is!