State of my own Union speech as it relates to 77nick77's life

I’m 55, I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980. I have a bad back so I really can’t bend at the waist. I suffer from fatigue no matter how much sleep I get. I am 20 lbs. overweight ( but I am losing weight).
I am the shyest guy you’ll ever meet. I’m just a little above average in looks. I am not in shape.
I have no close friends but I’m friendly with most people at my boarding house. I don’t have a lot of money. I have to share a small room with another guy who stays up all night while I sleep and then spends most of the day in the room so I have little alone time and it makes my private phone calls very uncomfortable.

Am I happy?

You bet I am! This is the best I’ve felt in twenty years. My symptoms don’t intrude too much in my day, a lot of them have subsided. I am just discovering that I like people and I am curious and interested about other people and I love to talk to strangers. I often forget that I am ill. My disease is not my main worry.


Is this your official dating profile? :wink: Seriously, what an awesome post. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for life to be good. I’m sincerely happy for you!


Thanks Hedgehog. Thank you very much.

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yeah, thats a great post nick :slight_smile:

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We’re very similar. I too have a bad back, along with many other faults. I think it comes from my huge gut. All my weight is concentrated right where it puts the most strain on my back. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling this way. A person’s mood can be contagious. You’ve provided a good note on which I can start my day.


You are really someone to be admired @77nick77
Your inner strength never ceases to Amaze me.
I wish you only the best!


Struggle with this disease with more than 36 years mean something.i hope you can find soul mate for your rest of your life @77nick77.

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