State Of Emergency Declared In Michigan; What To Know


There’s a thrift store in my capital run by the homeless shelter that sells really good clothes cheap. I just got a really nice winter coat for about $5 a few days ago.


We’ve been looking in thrift stores and it’s been rough finding one that will fit me. Best we could do was a two layer jacket



I don’t actually know why you should boil some water, but it just sounded like some good advice.


Meanwhile in Texas…


My brother lives in Michigan. We’re from South Carolina but he’s been there for like eighteen years now. So he’s adapted to the extreme winters up there.


Where I am it’s -3 with the windchill today


I hope you michiganers have heat. Boiling water raises the air temperature. We are having 60s in Calif. sunny! believe it or not. Think about that. The snow on the house ought to keep it about +32 inside hopefully. Alaska can be that bad, they can do it. Stay hydrated and eat occasionally for energy.


My daughter when she was a teenager she refused to wear a coat. It was always a hoodie and jacket for her.

I’m a big girl. I know that Walmart has a lot of clothes for bigger people.


I saw a coat at Kmart that would fit me but I went back to get it. The coat was gone. It also was 100 dollars. I could check Wal-Mart again



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