State of affairs

SO since my husband fell on the ice on Monday, he has fallen two more times at home due to his injury. So I spent a long time on the phone today but now have it arranged for an ambulance to transport him to an MRI on MOnday and to his surgeon on Tuesday as I can not get him down the hill to where we park the car. My plan was for him to be the one to get my youngest son to and from school and to medical appointments after I started new job now not sure what to do. He fell on the steps today. I guess I have to wait and see what the doctor says tuesday if they are going to operate for sure and if this is a temporary thing or a long term thing or what. he can’t barely walk at all and for sure can not drive. So anyhow this has been and is a bad winter for our family That’s all that is up with me.

Sorry desimb… Sounds like a lot of stress. Remember to take it easy and know this will pass with time.

Make sure you make the most of the time when your not dealing with the extra responsibilities.

Hopefully after healing your husband will be back to normal.

Keep your head up. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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One day at a time! Did he break his ankle? I did a few years ago-it took about 3 months to heal.
Hope everything works out. It has been a rough winter!