Starting to want to settle down, switch career goals

My bf and I are getting along better now and I’m volunteering 20 hours a week and doing ok in my accounting class… But I think I’ll never recover to a point where I’ll be able to work FT as an accountant and also be a mom. I had a bright future ahead of me before getting sick but nowadays I think I’d be quite content with friends around and a happy family and enough money to get by. My bf is going to start studying IT at community college next semester and I figure I could study with him, do it at my own pace, and come out and do some freelance tech from home… That way I can take the kids to ballet and tennis classes one day without working and being exhausted all the time. I have my drive back, so I think with time I’ll be able to manage working long hours from home. I find my ambitiousness just causes me problems since getting sick.

I do think about this a lot and I wasn’t quite like this before getting sick. It’s ok if you don’t have anything new to say…


Good luck. I hope you’re able to find a way to make it work!

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Sounds like a plan…keep stress down…keep yourself happy!

Good goals to have…Family is so important in this day and age!

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