Starting to teach someone the banjo very soon

the dental student that works on my teeth is buying my banjo and I am going to teach her how to play starting this weekend. I’m very excited. She seems like she has the eagerness to learn and be good at it…she already plays the guitar and the violin so she should do very well I think.


I guess nobody likes good news when it happens…maybe I should post about voices or something better?

I like the Banjo in this number…

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…and the Banjo in this number as well…

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That’s cool, @jukebox, I love rockabilly, mountain music too.

The banjo came from africa.

I always thought that was odd.

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**Getting paid for this I hope?? Or trade for dental work?
That`s great! You could put fliers up to give lessons!
Fun way to make money-and at your own place! :musical_score: **

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no, I’m not getting paid for any of it. She’s just a really sweet person and I want the opportunity to teach again. I put an ad up on craigslist one time to try and do lessons for money but no one in my town answered. oh well…I am just happy to get to teach again…thank you kind hearted @bridgecomet

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I donthink you should give up the paid for music? Maybe check around universities, libraries....I know you get some pupils. Theres a reason you are going to be teaching this lady!

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You can get pupils at local music shops too, where they have hour sessions, just call them and see what they can do. I think it’s great that you are getting into this, @jukebox. Way to go.