Starting to see references to me and my life all over

Every website I go on seems to be engineered to catch my eye on words and phrases to do with me. Don’t want to give examples because it is very personal stuff.

It just feels that there is a higher power guiding me to look at a specific phrase on a specific website at a specific time.

To be honest I am kinda freaking and upset. Not sure if my sleep pattern is to blame. I have been very isolated for sure and my diet sucks right now.

I think I have taken a few steps backwards

I know I should give examples but I worry the people behind this want me to implicate myself in a conspiracy online or something

In fact am now worried this website is just a sham and you guys are the feds

I live with this everyday too, no meds have ever helped me in this scenario.

Hey dude !

We not feds i promise :slight_smile:

Just know that google tracks alot of what you type in and it shows up often when you least expect it.

I dont know too much about it, but its their marketing strategy.

Dont stress mate :slight_smile:

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Buts what’s more is the low buzzing noise in the background of my phone calls. If all this is coincidence then it is truly ■■■■■■ up

You gonna watch the Rugby on Saturday, trying to figure out how I am going to watch it

I know there are people you can’t trust reading things, but I get addicted sometimes.

@anon94176359 you don’t sound well…nobody is after you or conspiring…it’s all delusion !!

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