Starting to remember things from my past that make me smile. Is it the TMS?

I was telling my cleaning ladies about the time I was promoted for the first time in the Army. It was really something else, you guys would call it hazing but I really don’t believe it was.

Anyways I have been communicating alot more with people who are next to me and rubbing elbows with me. I told them the story and they all chuckled a bit. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to become more vocal and try to communicate more with my TMS therapy instead of being so quiet and reserved and thoughtless.

It’s been rough lately though, my mom on friday is leaving the country for a vacation with a friend so I hope she has fun.

TMS isn’t really supposed to affect you quickly it’s supposed to be a time oriented task but going in every weekday to get the therapy maybe has sparked my mind back into being more talkative and wanting to get to know people around me more.

Lately, I mainly just refuse to do things and say no to people. I’m stubborn and obstinate all the time but I’m really trying to shake that off. I dunno, I’m starting to feel different with this new therapy but I need to just keep going and make sure I make more effort every day to get better.

I’m definitely not going to be able to do this overnight though.


That’s really interesting, that it would have that effect on you. I’m glad you’re feeling the urge to connect more with people.

How are you handling the memories? Sounds like some of them are pretty troubling. A skill that I work on is recognizing when I feel upset, and then just letting myself feel upset without doing anything about it. I observe it and note how it makes me feel physically - my chest tenses, my throat feels like it’s closing, my nose hurts, et cetera.

I don’t try to push the bad feelings away or fix them somehow - just feel them and tell myself it’s okay to feel badly. For some reason, this makes the feeling bearable for me.

Anyway, keep us updated.


I have more sessions every morning on weekdays at 10 am, so I’ve been waking up earlier than usual and hitting the road in the morning with the rest of the work crowd lol. It’ll be great once I can take the machine at its full setting and get a proper fry out of it.

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That’s great! Keep it up. I am quite interested in TMS as it has shown promising effects in clinical trials and is way less damaging than electroshock.

Someone I know recently participated in electroshock and it apparently did nothing for his depression, even made it worse, but now his memory is all messed up too. Yikes.

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Anyone want to clue me in as to what TMS is? All I can think of is that movie Office Space, where the main character is being harassed about his “TPS Reports”.

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I’ve done two therapies of tms and I’ve been recalling memories from over ten years ago. It’s not as abusive as ECT either.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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Dude I’ve heard of that but don’t know what it is. Is it like an MRI?

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IT’s magnets that emit an electrical and magnetic field from a device to the cranium that sort of shocks your scalp and taps your head with energy that’s supposed to bring a better mood.


Wow! Sounds li ke something I want to avoid lol… But I’m glad it’s working for you.