Starting to realize

that when i have something to look forward to, time drags on until the event comes. it’s like some mental handicap or something. time goes by more smoothly when everything is normal for me and i dont have anything to look forward to.


try joining a gym, is always good goal to get in shape. I always look forward to my workout because its one step closer to my goal body. Try it, You might be happier.


I have this too - when I’m excited or waiting or suffering time goes slowly in waiting

and when good times or ordinary days the time goes faster

Time is cruel in that way

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Same here, I think it’s the negative symptoms. Learned hopelessness.

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get some goals going on guys, you need some goals. so you wont feel so empty inside.

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With enough anhedonia you feel empty no matter what. Then it’s just the “attempt to just do it” mantra, but that often leads to nothing being done anyway.

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Uhh? sound negative to me, be more positive man.

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