Starting to hear voices

My 18 yr old daughter,has been through alot in the past month. With smoking K2 Ontop of being injected with a Haldol decocate.
She developed NMS. she is home now and still has a long road to recovery. Past few nights have been rough. She can’t sleep and now is saying she hears voices. They keep Whispering her name. Last night she thought the one of the scarecrow decoration I have all over the house,was moving.
Not sure what or how to comfort her. I keep telling her just remember the voices or just in your mind,and nd noone really is calling out yur name.
I took all the scarecrows to the dumpster so they won’t scare her anymore.
Any suggestions will help,please.

Anything to help her sleep. For some people, white noise or soothing music really helps them, but for some, it can make voices that much worse. Ask her how she feels about it. See if either blackout curtains or a night light might help.

For me, sometimes I need to sleep in a different room, or I need to put my head at the foot of the bed for a change.

But whatever you can do to help her sleep. It may or may not help with the voices, but a lack of sleep will almost certainly make them worse.

Pot did that to me. It aggravated my Sz. And yea maybe melatonin to help sleep. That is my thoughts. Be safe

It’s weird because before any of this happened she loved to sleep with the fan on, the rv had ro be on as well. She absolutely had to have a dim lamp in her room. Pitch black was not a option…now she hates the fan on makes to much noise,tv makes to much noise and it has to be pitch pitch black.
She made me cover her windows even wth blackout curtains.
And yes I feel her not getting enough sleep is not helping matters. The doctors gave her ativan for her agitation and put her on 9mg of melentonin.
She use to sleep 10 hrs a night.
Now it seems she gets maybe 5 hrs off and on throughout the night.
Just hate seeing her go through this.

Abd here’s rhe weird thing…
Last night she told me the scarecrow was moving on its own…
Two days prior my 15yr old and myself thought we seen it move too. We chalked it up as NO it didn’t.
And neither one of us said much about it to eachother expect tht was weird.
My daughter did not know of this,because we alrdy knew she was on edge about other things
and didn’t want to make things worse for her.
Then 2 days later she talks about the exact same scarecrow. Out of all the ones I had in my living room. She pointed out the same one.
It’s just seemed weird to me and my son.
Know it has to be nothing but threw them all out anyways

i create white spheres, they come out of my hands…
i create 500 at a time these days…
they surround all the nasty :imp: demons/ghosts :ghost: and take them away to the other side of the universes…:smiley: ( i should add i like demons and ghosts…i just get rid of the horrible ones )
works every time.
i also when i was younger created safe places in my head…white rooms :door:…which i controlled.
it takes time to master…but again works.
take care :alien:

Yes, sleep is very important.

Also, have you found a well-qualified compassionate counselor for her to talk with?

A good counselor could help her navigate recovery from this difficult time and eventually help her work on her goals for the future.

I would highly recommend that you take her off the Halidol and switch to Invega. Halidol is known to turn people into drooling zombies. LITERALLY. It causes uncontrollable drooling and the people that are on it stop interacting with the people around them. It’s awful. My grandfather was on this medication and within 2 weeks he became a vegetable. He couldn’t even walk around anymore. PLEASE take your daughter off this medication before it’s too late.