Starting to feel paranoid again. What do I do?

So today I was in the shop and an old woman walked past me saying that she can smell a whiff of fish. This has made me paranoid because I feel like sometimes I smell I wash and bath every day but I feel like it was directed at me . She was talking with another old woman and laughing not looking at me but It has got me on edge because i dont want to smell. I believe I may have seen someone stealing something from the shop today also but I didnt say anything incase I was wrong this has all inevitably made me feel paranoid and now I’m starting to think that their is a group of people that want to bring me down for what ever reason. I dont understand why I’m feeling this way again. I was alright yesterday and feel like ■■■■ after going out. I was worried the person who I may have saw stealing might rob me or something after seeing him and it has brought all my negative feelings about people back. Is it normal to feel like this?

Then it wasn’t directed at you.

He won’t. He doesn’t even know you saw him.

I get really self conscious too.

A lot of the time I will hear something or see that triggers me off in a mega detailed analysis of what it is I could have possibly done

Then I remember at times that they can get ■■■■■■, and I move on

Try and care less about what other people think

I know it’s hard, but punishing yourself isn’t going to make you feel better

Just put it down as one of those bad days we all have and try not to let it ruin your week!

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