Starting threads only to see them closed down

Because other people can’t behave themselves. It’s off putting though I can understand why they were closed down… It seems that some people get a kick out of spoiling things.
Now nervous about starting any threads in case selfish people decide to wreck things.

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I’ve seen this Movie before on other sites…

The Mods become so overbearing that all of the regulars start dropping like flies…until you’re left with nobody but Admin/Mod people, and a few lapdogs who have nowhere else to go.

My fear is that this is beginning to happen here. Disappearing posts, posters getting banned for pretty marginal stuff…closed/locked threads…people getting PM’s advising them how to behave?!

I’ll stop my criticism now. Probably due for a break from this place anyways. We all used to be able to breathe here.

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I find it amusing - Firemonkey is basically saying there isn’t enough moderation (or self-moderating) and Patrick says there is too much. Just goes to prove you will never satisfy everyone as a Moderator.

And Yes, I agree - if you find yourself getting too critical of people or places, its always a good idea to take a break and get perspective on the situation.


I am guilty of trying to close threads down on purpose…but its always a thread I know was ment to peck fights…I don’t do it for fun…and I don’t do it to troll…but it does suck that some people seem to get their rocks off stirring ■■■■ up just out of spite…

I personally think the mods here do a good job and am implying no criticism against them. I think the issue is on how we self moderate our behaviour as a community.
Ironically if there was more self moderation then there would be less need for what some see as the overzealous approach of the moderators.
If we all appreciate the forum and want it to work for the benefit of all, then we have a collective responsibility to behave in ways that ensures that happens as much as possible.


I personally think the moderators do a great job.


If we used our real names on here a lot of the garbage would go away. @SzAdmin could I request a forum with family and patients together that wasn’t so anonymous. Like a nami group maybe. People would NOT openly say disgusting thing in person at a nami dinner for example.

Exactly this, right to the point



Well its just me. but if I wanted a NAMI I would go there.
But paranoid that I am I like anon.
Yea that can lead to trouble.
I used to get upset at some people but then I realize they’re just sick
So don’t take it personally…


Well, my point was that if an individual was posting a lot of sickness, we could contact them or their family and get them help. Instead we’re stuck because it’s all anonymous, moderators can possibly delete it is all.

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Unfortunately I really don’t think using your real name on the Internet is ever a good idea - given the illness we talk about. There is always risk of prejudice that I would never want to expose people to.

On the idea of a third forum for family and patients - I’m sorry, I just don’t have $1,200 to throw that that issue right now - perhaps next year.


I participated in a couple NIH research studies and was paid $420 for 2 days.

The cab driver that drove me from the airport to Bethesda said that participants came from international locations. He had driven a guy the day before who flew in from overseas to participate in a study claiming to have inhaled a spore and thought he had a tree growing in his lungs. Prolly a sz patient - lol

I don’t understand how so much of the forum conversation really comes from offshore while they criticize and or post troll-like text yet use this for free. I’m pointing my finger at somebody clawing to be from England here. I suppose having moderators from other countries is one idea , but they should help in the fundraising. Feels like the United States gives everything away for free. Even support for mental health, epi pens, anything and everything.

I do miss the guy from Finland cannot remember his avatar.

Thats great - how did you find out about it? How can other people participate in them?

This is helpful information.

I went to the NIH website and volunteered for a Sz research study. I emailed the contact for the study, they gathered all my medical records, flew me out to Bethesda, free airfare, free ride from the airport, free lodging at the NIMH for 2 days.

The cost for my airfare and lodging had to cost over $1200.

It was a great 2 days at the NIMH for me :grinning:


Here’s the link

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I found this forum around the same time as I found the research study. I was a graduate student like @mortimermouse

What a great opportunity!

Here is the exact page for the Schizophrenia research so that other people can enjoy the vacation to Washington DC area, even International visitors!


To find out if you qualify, email NIMH or call 1-301-435-8970 (1-888-674-6464) [TTY: 1-866-411-1010].

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Complainers are the worst.

Theres my complaint :smile:


This study was the one I did, then I participated in one because I don’t have Sz they said, (neurologist and a clinical psychologist) but psychosis NOS.

Didn’t want my genes for the Sz study because my psychosis had another cause, most helpful information I received ever!

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