Starting Sarcosine

Sorry to hear that… Do you mean the effects or the crying?

The effects. It would work for a couple hours then fade out. I found caffeine works the best for me

Gotcha… yeah mine lasts prob 5-6 hours then I get the harsh realization that it prob doesn’t matter anyhow because while I might be able to fix one thing I can’t fix everything. So that sucks. Have you tried taking an extra dose? I’m already doing 2 grams and I love it but I am having trouble dealing with this crying and depression and rumination because I am not used to that so frequently. :frowning:

I don’t mean to sound like a dork, but what IS Sarcosine?? and should i be ordering it? or has it not been tested in clinical labs yes? am i just confused?

Yeah i tried taking 4 grams . It didn’t do much for me. I was actually getting intense anxiety after about 2.5 weeks. So I lowered fo 1.5grams and it was still giving me anxiety so I stopped.
That was my experience with it.

Check out this link and read the links off it:

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You might try adding another gram in the afternoon - and see how it works. That is what i would do.

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Well I am feeling better… my brain has sorted through it and has given me a business idea that I can do from home and hopefully make some extra $$ :smiley:


I have been trying this for about a month and a half. Didn’t seem to notice anything at first but I started at 1 gram, going to 2 after two weeks. Now I’m taking 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and I do seem to be a bit more active. However, around the time I upped to 3 grams, I lowered my AP dosage (Abilify from 15g to 10g, this is supposed to be more activating by my understanding). Aside from that, there have been some external factors that have urged me to do more (approaching deadlines). All in all it is hard to say what is reasonably attributable to the Sarcosine. I will continue taking it till the bag runs out though. I feel like I’m surfing on the placebo effect.

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keep us posted…

It happened again yesterday… this Sarcosine must really be cluing me into the fact that my life sucks and I can’t fix everything… today I decided to do one gram this morning and will do the second one this afternoon and see if that helps… soooo can’t deal with daily anxiety and crying… how does it make you cry? Its more on the happy side of the spectrum, no? :frowning:

So as you all know I did the one plus one yesterday (one in the morning, one later in the afternoon). During the afternoon I was out and had a brief moment where I started to feel anxious like I was gonna cry and I stopped it and got through… went home a few hours later, took the second gram… was great. Fell asleep at 11pm… woke up, wide awake, at 5:30am and fell back to sleep around 45 minutes to an hour later. Got up at about 9am. Took one gram and went about my day. No upset or crying or anxiety, just feeling great. So now I am about to do the second gram… that seems like it might work. I’m feeling more positive and happy for real and not just faking it. You can’t fake real. There is a lot more that needs fixing but its a slow process. As for right now its been six days and I can honestly say this is the most productive week I have had in probably a decade… I bought a three month supply and if this keeps up I will for sure be getting a second order. :smiley:


hey kayleighjade78, how have you been doing over the past week…is it still going well?

Hi everyone! I had just got my order arrived to Malaysia yesterday. How do you take Sarcosine? I put it in a glass of water and drink it. Is it right?

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That’s possible, or just pour the Sarcosine directly into your mouth and wash it away.

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Does it have any taste? Can you put it in food and will it still work? Does heat or cold affect its working?

Its slightly sweet to taste - sort of like a less sweet type of sugar. I can’t see why mixing it would food would make any difference. And generally I don’t think cold would affect how a vitamin or amino acid works, but high heat could - so I’d avoid that if I were you. I know people who mix it in with their coffee. But - I’ve never seen any research on sarcosine and heat / mixture. In the research they typically mix it with cold water. But you can try different things and let us know - that would be helpful for us all.

Hello everyone,
I have just joined Schizophrenia Forum and am very interested in this conversation about sarcosine. I have been taking 1g for about a week (from Brainvitz) and notice a feeling of pins and needles in my arms ,hands and back of my legs. On reading some of the posts above I see some reference to tingling , is this the same thing? and is it a harmless side effect of sarcosine? I was going to stop taking it as I wasn’t sure .

Hmmm sounds abbit dangerous maybe you should stop or ask a doctor just incase something is going on

Its been a while - sorry for the delay in letting you know how my husband reacted. I think the sarcosine has helped tremendously. Before he wouldn’t get in touch with family or make plans, now he does. And he asks me to read the paper to him (he’s blind) and is much better at conversation-starting and holding one. I found using just a small amount-not quite a full scoop (the one they give you in the pkg) in his soda is perfect. Any more and he gets antsy.