Starting physical therapy on Friday

Friday is my first appointment. I don’t know if I will be going once or twice a week. Don’t know if I’ll go the standard 8 weeks of if I’ll need more. Every section of my spice has degenerative disc disease and it’s to the level that it’s causing scoliosis. I need to strengthen and stretch my muscles to help with the problem. I have bulging discs in my lower back that cause sciatica so I have hip and leg pain too. But right now the worst area is my neck, it’s bone on bone. I think that’s why I struggle with these tension headaches all the time. Anyway, I’m planning on doing my best to stick with it so I can get better.


Good luck! I hope they can help you. It didn’t help my husband or my friend, but it did help my dad.


I tried physical therapy too, and it maybe helped a little. I hope you have extraordinary success with it.


Good plan. Stick with it if your issues are so severe. Good luck with physical therapy!


Good luck with your therapy, @Leaf . I’m sure it will go well… sorry to hear you have to get therapy for it though.


Thank you honey


you are welcome =)

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