Starting Over

Anyone on here from the old site in 2010. I think that was the last time I posted. It took me awhile to track this site down again. It has changed so much!

Anyways, I was pretty much in zombieland for the past 4years. I was on 4mg risperidone 3xd, 3mg risperidone 2xd, 100mg sertraline 3xd, trazadone 100mg 1xd, and trihex 5mg 3xd. Then this past xmas I was really sick with the flu and a kidney infection and didn’t get to take my meds so went through withdrawal and have been off all meds since then. During the past 4yrs, I pretty much slept most of the time. Voices did go away or were drowned out. Hallucinations went away, but the paranoid thought never did. Now voices are back, and hallucinations started back this week or the shadow people as I call them.

I went to the pdoc yesterday and he gave prescriptions at all the same doses. My family is really scared if I start back on such a high dose I will go pyschotic or worse. The pharmacist told them not to take it and call the doc back. Which they did and he told them it was okay to give me the meds at that dose. It has me a little scared now as I have researched it and my aunt who is a nurse said it could cause pychosis or coma. When we first started treatment I was at very small dosage and over a year worked up to all those med doses.

Anyone here ever start out with these dosage levels?

Sounds like you’ve had quite the ride with this illness and meds. It does sound like you need them although it sounds like you might have been taking to much. I take 2mg respiridone to stay stable, prevent relapse and keep things from getting worse.

At the higher doses I was on it was really struggle to think and feel anything aside from psychotic obsessive bs, the mind just wasn’t capable of generate new thoughts on the fly like it was supposed to. Also didn’t remember ■■■■. Since lowering the dose I’ve had a flood of my past returning to me, the psychotic break, childhood memories, first love everything. I have to think about it, but it’s better then having a blank mind.

When I first went psychotic it took a couple months, but they put me on 16mg of invega, which I probably needed while things boiled down. The whole time frame sucked I was still really psychotic on meds, and still am. Same symptoms you just get used to it and adapt a little bit. I don’t think starting at a high dose is an issue, it might lead to eventual withdrawal symptoms.

Good luck getting stable again, stick around. We could always use more company.

I would get another opinion on those meds…ask another doctor.


3 mg is a low dosage of risperdal? I take 300 mg of trazadone. I’m not on risperdal anymore. I am now on prolixin which really suits me.

I was on a total of 18mg risperidone a day - 4mg 3xd and 3mg 2xd plus the rest of it - 300mg a day of sertraline and 15mg a day of trihex and the 100mg a day of trazadone all this together every day. When I first started it was 2mg of risperidone 2xd and worked up to this dosing over a year’s time. That is why this concerns me starting back at the full 18mg a day.

18 mg is high. I would perhaps consult another pdoc like bridgecomet suggested.


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Posting again as I am starting over Again. This is becoming kinda like a journal for me. Since new year '15 - wow long time ago since posting. My family didn’t force me to start back on the meds at that high dose. We started just as we would when I initially started taking ap.

Everything was fine for the most part except for sleeping my life away and having occasional jerks. Then March this year my doctor took me off trazodone and added clozaril. My life has gone to ■■■■! I was so messed up on the interaction with clozaril and risperidone - my feet would contort forcefully backwards and dizziness. I ended up falling down some stairs and broke my knee.

Had an emergency visit to my pdoc and explained we are off that drug. To which he told me to stop taking trihexyl. Another mistake. I stopped it as he said. I started having TD symptoms so I weaned myself off the other drugs thinking okay I am done with all this. No more!

I have now researched to know that clozaril and risperidone should not be taken together. My pdoc was poly drugging me. So now I am off meds and praying that these side effect symptoms go away. Please let them go away. I should have listened when everyone here was telling me find another doctor, but my family guilted me into staying with him. God, just let me have some peace.