Starting Over, Support, New Beginnings in Life :)

Hello, I’m Gabrielle. This is a re-introduction. I’ve been off this forum for a while, but I miss the support and feelings of community I had when I was able to get positive help and advice etc. and I am doing well. My dad got me a really nice birthday present :slight_smile: fairie cards! My brother’s moving into a new office that’s a magazine photo studio/so they’re merging the actual magazine with the copywriters!! I’m so happy for him and excited for him. He said his apartment mates are like a little community and told me about the characters he met, like the hipster-guys (real hipsters) and dog-lovers, etc. I bought a new computer and gave it to my mother for Christmas. She’s been doing a lot better. I try to keep her spirits high and always say I love you or be cheerful, and when she gets angry at me about things I just stay calm, affirm what she said, etc. but not react angrily or with hostile words. I’m working on language too, no more swear words even in sarcasm. I’m clean and sober, I don’t drink…soon i will quit tobacco. making little progresses here and there.

I’m starting over on here. I turned twenty-seven this month. I’m doing well. Continue to take prescribed medication. It’s necessary to prevent a relapse, even when it could happen suddenly or within months. You know it’s hard, but it’s good to keep up to date. I’m in need to somewhere to gain and offer some support, or motivational feedback. I’ve been learning all the time. I applied to several colleges and jobs recently. I’m doing well.

I vowed abstinence from substances, and recklessness. My boyfriend/x bf had a crisis recently. I wanted to ignore him but I went and got him to bring to his mother’s house. I hope he chooses to get help like he said he wants. I told him I wouldn’t comment on whether or not he needed to be in a hospital, but that he should talk to his mom about it.

I don’t think I’ll be with him for quite awhile now. My little brother wants me to stop communication with him. So this was probably the last time I will be around him for awhile. I really do care about him. He has schizophrenia too. So I’m a good friend, and even when he was ranting and cussing at me online over facebook…I didn’t react with anger just blocked his messages until he stopped and calmed down. I’m glad I helped him. But I have to take care of myself.

So I wanted to re-introduce myself. My ban ends in four days, but I wanted to start over with a new account and just not use the old one if that is ok. So yeah, starting over. I’m also trying to lay off on the spiritual new age/religious stuff. It’s not that I don’t believe in God etc. I just need to learn to filter things better. Hope others are doing well, making progress, having good times.

Wallflower <3