Starting outpatient care monday

I hear it’s kinda like going to school? It’s monday-friday from 9-3, which is good. I really don’t want to go inpatient, I don’t like that idea and even if you sign yourself in you can’t leave on your own. I like my smoking and I would feel really cornered.


Yeah I go to an outpatient. It’s not from 9-3, it’s more like a Doctor’s office with more Doctors, and it has groups and therapists.

Yeah I’m basically in outpatient at a community mental health center right now after landing in the psych ward too many times. It’s basically just putting up with med reminder calls at night and going for a drive with a peer specialist once a week, who’s kinda cute and easy to talk to, otherwise, there’s a men’s group and a vocational support person. I was going to apply to volunteer at a food pantry down the street but am thinking otherwise now, feeling like I’ve pretty much become a shut-in at the age of 33.

Yeah that’s what I have and that’s how I ended up there too.

I think it’s like this, it’s at the place they do inpatient care, but its the “partial” program

One day away u nervous?

Some months ago a guy I met through a tabletop RP group started going to a partial program, and I emailed him for a little while just to see how he was doing. He said it was very chill, he spent the day there and according to him they served chicken quesadillas that were fabulous.

Good luck man, hope it helps you!

A little. They might help me get my medication straightened out too. I took my buspar last night before bed and i woke up covered in sweat and went to the bathroom and I just collapsed into the door and now I have this giant welt on my head. I tried to take the four a day they prescribed and I slept for sixteen hours, it was crazy

Hi! I did intensive outpatient care, too for many months! They’d pick me up around 7:30 am and I’d get home after four pm. It consisted of a strict schedule like “morning game and morning word of the day” with all of us there. It was led by social workers, who, in my opinion, did an excellent job of socializing us sz and other mental patients.

We would do art therapy, group talk therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy…we’d also study a mental illness every day, like one day was bipolar disorder day and we’d listen to the people with bipolar disorder and get hand outs on the illness. Very informative.

At times I felt like I was in a babysitting center, but at other times, it was like family. :smiley:

I still use the stuff I learned there (i.e. consciously breath in and out a lot if stressed, make eye contact and smile with people you’re conversing to, how to make small talk). I had to be forced to go through bribing me with the promise of free meds, but at the end they were like, “no, you’re better now, you have to leave us” and I was like nooooo.

Good luck to you! Give it a chance, even if it seems lame at first!

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I start mine next week not sure what to expect hopefully I meet some cool people that have sz.

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We watched October sky, I’ve seen that movie three times. I spent the whole morning dissociated because I’m never up that early and I only got three hours of sleep. I have to be up at six today and it’s already one. Daisy’s been texting me hey and now I’m all paranoid like life sucks man

I just met with a vocational rehab specialist to help me look for work and he mentioned how excellent my socialization skills are (for a sz). blushes but feels proud

I really think outpatient care is a great thing that should center around recovery models and re-socialization skills. So long as the leaders at the outpatient center are good at communicating, they can train sz to be good communicators, too! It’s especially hard for sz, since the illness creeps up during the time our social skills should be developing and takes over, leaving us undeveloped and socially isolated.

Too bad about October Sky, that sounds kind of like someone was lazy and didn’t want to make a real lesson for the patients. I’ve done some teaching, and if I put a video on it was to get a breather so that I could arrange for the next lesson. Putting on a movie as the lesson is never a good idea for the students.