Starting Lamictal for depression

My doctor prescribed me Lamictal for depression. I will be taking it starting tomorrow. Hopefully it works, can’t take these lows any longer. Tired of being irritable and negative, the sadness is getting to me as well.
I’m taking it with Depakote, so the Lamictal dose will be lower than usual. Depakote doubles the Lamictal in the blood stream.


Just a quick note to say I’m rooting for you. For me… negative symptom is harder to take then positive. I’m really glad your going to get over this. It’s hard work I know… Keep up the good fight. Even if the meds are working great, I’d still encourage a good walk in a tranquil park.

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Good advice and thanks J, lifestyle changes are always a good idea, I’m not going to rely on just the meds
UPDATE: I started 50 mg of lamictal yesterday, I felt extreme fatigue but I slept about 8hours, which is good for me. No depression yesterday - I took my dose in the morning, Ill see how I do, I was previously on 12.5 mg for about a week

I would take Lamictal but I’m allergic to it. It can be fatal for some people.

There is a deadly rash that can come from it Stevens Johnson Syndrome