Starting intermittent antidepressant

Im starting an AD intermittently, only during pms! Wonder how it goes. Never thought id ask for a med myself! Doc didnt want to prescribe hormonal things.

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I didn’t think ADs worked intermittently :thinking:

I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Don’t they need to build up in your system to work ? I don’t think they work if you just take them every now and then.


I meant i didn’t know what @anon73478309 meant. I knew what you meant and agree with you.


Maybe it’s Wellbutrin, I don’t think Wellbutrin needs to build up to work right away, it’s a weak stimulant.

For pms/pmdd it is different! It works immediately and doesnt need time to build up. According to psych and some articles i read there are good results with it. Better even when used intermittently than constantly.

And explanation: I dont use an antidepressant every day, but just in the period i have symptoms. So in the pms part of my cycle when i have psychotic depression i use an AD and in the rest of the month not.


I started today!

Im a little scared and it is going against my values…I wish to have my genuine feelings and use as little as possible meds to numb stuff. But my pms/pmdd symptoms were influencing me so extremely that i was at times spending 1 week in severe terror and shame and the rest of the month trying to recover from the bad stuff that came up.

I used the first dose and i feel a little weird. Dizzy. I feel like when i first took xtc: scared about taking some chemical and not knowing what it does to me. Ambivalent.

Do hope it ends the horrorpms.

Good Luck,

What Anti Depressant are you taking?

Citalopram, 10mg. It really goes against my principles, but i hope it makes a cut back in ap dose possible. And gives me some time/rest the next months to think of a more structural solution.

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Superweird. There seems to be an immediate effect. I feel dizzy, dissociated, numb and with a headache - creepy. But i also feel way less anxious!

The last days i increased my dose of haldol to 2mg because i was so scared of weird stuff and couldnt sleep all night of guilt and anxiety. Today i nearly forgot to take haldol and went back to my normal dose of 1mg.

I read some explanations (amygdala fear reactivity > ptsd reduces in one dose). But i find it weird.

Just curious,

Wouldnt a benzo work better in this situation?

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Is it possible to notice the impact of Citalopram so fast?

Probably, yes, but i kind of have a phobia of meds after real bad responses. And benzos gave the scariest response. The order of my fear is kind of like this:

Benzos - scariest
AP - scary
AD - least scary

No logic to it. Just my weirdness.

Perhaps an antianxiety med a few days a month would be good though. I’ll ask the psych next time!

I understand completely :slight_smile:

I refuse to take benzos again, regardless of how many times they keep getting offered to me…

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Well, they said with pms it would work fast. Also i read that this amygdala fear response is reduced right with one dose. Since my symptoms are very ptsd related, and in ptsd you have a hyperactive amygdala response, this could explain rapid onset as well.

Or it is just placebo, in which case im happy with the peaceful night. :slight_smile:

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Ah well good luck, I’m sure u know what u doing :grinning:

Keep us posted on the update…

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Thanks! 15151515

Anxiety came back with a vengence, perhaps more than before. Plus other issues on top - dizziness, dissociation, headache. Quit the ssri. Too sceptical about meds to give it a longer try. :confused: Looking for other solutions.

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