Starting better self care

Another thing that works that is similar is planning meals. I’ve done it before and not only does it help in a diet, it saves money. Writing down ahead of time what you’re going to have for three meals a day, a week at a time and sticking to it.


Sounds like a righteous plan @Lostboy

I too promised myself to take better care of myself as well

I started off by taking 2 showers in a row!

Took a shower yesterday and today

This is a big deal for me!

Good luck with your plan @Lostboy!


Thanks @Wave! Good job on two showers in a row!

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Almost all of those things are excellent ideas in my opinion. Only thing id change is brushing 2 times a day, instead of 3. Three times a day seems like a little too much. But still way better than not brushing enough.

You got this man!

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Thanks @TheCanuk!

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