Starting a sexual relationship with a friend

I have this friend, and I haven’t known her long, but she seems interested in me, and I’m definitely interested in her. I won’t get into the politics of having a boyfriend and all that, because I’m at peace with that part of the situation.

My question is, what should I consider before taking the next step in this? Should I absolutely NOT do this? Why not?

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Are the benefits of pursuing her, greater than the expense of losing her if things do not work out, including your existing relationship?


Would your boyfriend be aware? If not, are you actually mentally equipped to be a cheater?

This is an excellent point.

I am unsure about the Americans but the British are more risk adverse. We make calculated decisions, strategises in order to prevent loss, where the Chinese make decisions where the gain is more favoured than a loss. In this case, would you be winning or losing?

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I’ll be the one in ur head saying why not. After the first time u can decide if ur doing more than experimenting. Then just blame it on psychosis… jk lmao

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