Starting a new chapter in your life

One can turn a new page and start a new chapter in your life. All one could do is doing things betterly than in the past. Things you always worry about could be left behind. So are you excited to give it a shot? If you see this as a funny challenge or if you want to accomplish stuff, you sure should try. If you fail in something, just don’t judge yourself and give it another new try. That said, good luck in the upcoming year.


I want to quit smoking for the first

time i smoke , (im just gonna keep writng cuz it’s a joke) i felt so bad. Now im on one pack a day on the eighth year as smoker: lets try!


What beautiful positive words.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to lose weight this year and get back to the gym and get another little
Tattoo and start saving for a big one of my sacred neigh I want.

I want to improve myself inside and out.

Hopefully I can afford some maintenance of my body that makes me happy.

I want to lose about ten kg.

Possibly more but in a healthy way.
I would be happy with eight kg or even five.

I want to drive more independent and date go to a shopping centre by

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I am just waiting to leave here. I want to do well for the rest of my time. I hope I can do maintenance on my acceptance of things and do well. Change, adjustments, understanding, hope and all that it takes to maintain until I leave. My creative writing - the need is there and I must keep producing more and different for the people to be interested, even the younger ones. Keep laughing, be a rock, hopefully lighten up and always feel like I’m having fun.

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