Starting a clinical trial

It’s my first day on a new clinical trial. Five weeks. 50/50 chance of either the new med or placebo.
It’s a really mellow place. The smoking patio is open 24/7 and I brought all of my aromatic pipe tobaccos and two briar pipes, plus a ton of rolling papers. We can get diet Cokes whenever we want and microwave food too. In the evening they give you a menu for different local take-out places.
It’s $75 a night so it’s not a huge amount of money for the time spent. I’m hoping I can get a new Fender Jazzmaster at the end, but I might not be able to. Got lots of debt to pay off.


Is it for an antipsychotic or you’re not allowed to say it?

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Anti-psychotic. 15151515

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I wonder how it works if you have to stop your current meds and take a placebo. I guess they monitor your symptoms?

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Which part of the us do you live in, and are you on a NDA so you can’t say which antipsychotic you are in trial for?

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I stop my current meds and after a while I start taking either the study drug or placebo.
There’s a name for the study drug in the consent, but I don’t remember what it is.
They will keep on eye on me. It’s a controlled environment, so even if I get placebo I’ll be okay. If they see me getting too sick they will pull me from the study. But I hope I can get thru to completion.


You perhaps know that Zen has done a lot of trials. He has a spiritual motivation about it as well as a monetary motivation.

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Hmm. . .

I’m Gonna Start A Clinical Trial Of Marijuana If You Know What I Mean!.

Well…, When It Gets Legalized Of Course. . .

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :eagle: :paw_prints: :eagle:

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Could you check what’s the name of medicine you have in trial for? I could tell you the potential side effects so you can prepare for it

That’s a good way to mess up a clinical trial. They want to see real side effects, not some that could be brought on by psychosomatics.

Do not share it here.


You wouldn’t have any access to accurate info @swordiebrom. Or any info whatsoever.
They go thru the potential side-effects in the consent form.

Hey mate. Hope it goes well for you. Trials are important parts of the medications process and hope it’s a good med.

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That’s so cool I want to start a clinical trial but am concerned about side affects plus I’m not in America

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not me brother…I don’t mess with my ap…wish you the best…and hope you get that guitar you want !!

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