Started ZyPrexa

… And I’m exhausted. I’ve been all day. Anyone else experience this on ZyPrexa?

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I take it at night, helps me sleep and keeps me calm all day.

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I take it at night, too.

Just watch your weight. I gained 70lbs on this drug.

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i gained 7 kg in one month…

Yeah, extreme sleepiness, weight gain and drooling. Hate that med, although it’s extremelly good for symptoms. Don’t forget to check your blood sugar regularly.

I gained thirty lbs in one month

Yes I’m on it too, but eventually your body will become tolerant to it! Meaning that it works, but your less sedated sleepy and hungry on it!

I put the weight gain down to two factors the drug giving me my appetite back and having negative symptoms of sz that stop you doing things you enjoy like exercising.

Thanks for all of your input.

im on it 16 years

Any side effects that you have experienced?

When I was on Zyprexa other than gaining 30lbs I frequently had a lot of random nosebleeds. It was like the inside of my nose was a lot weaker for some reason. I only took it for about 2-3 months though before switching to Geodon.

num for ten years with spytoms