Started writing again after 2 months off (The rose)

The rose

In November the rose bush stems

will separate the light into layers

of skin that bleed a cardinal

something that will stick

then I knew the blooms were gone


the season had been good

for two months nothing dressed the bush

nothing but a shower and a naked

reach for its own bed

until election day I looked

and there it was one rose

blooming out of nowhere

like a heart on a sleeve

and I thought I heard Gertrude Stein

at her typewriter plucking away

when I couldn’t this beauty

typing any Gene Kelly tap dance

A rose is a rose is a rose

by s.m.g.


And today’s

Starting to wake (new prose)

The man has fog in his eyes when his head won’t lift from a blanket of snow

he can move his arms and legs though deep in a dream where he went to each

station each person each piece of equipment larger than the last remembering

his jobs in his younger days hearing ice break off a small branch from the tree

like a broken bird bone seeing daylight wipe away the fog his body trying to fly

when he finally lifts his head and stands there it is a perfect snow angel

by s.m.g.


Absolutely gorgeous.



Thanks @Rhubot

I thought people in general wanted me to return

So I did


I’m glad you did.

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teh heh heh…

Daze just ‘dropped a rose!’



Get your Christmas hat off!


I’m keeping my Christmas Hat on ALL YEAR LONG.

Just to spite and remind the Mod who banned me at the most special time of year for questionable and disingenuous reasons at best.

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This is the pick of the November rose bloom

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