Started writing a story about a teenager with psychosis TW sexual assault

I stopped writing for years because of the voices disturbing my mind. It was difficult to even read.
Fortunately, after about a decade of taking meds, the voices have been reduced to about 8% now. So I tried to get my hands back to writing.

If you’re interested, here’s an introduction to my writing:
Jayce is a teenager with psychiatric problems. He has been through trauma that has changed everything about him. Little does he know that this is only the beginning of the tragedy. He discovers that the auditory hallucinations he has been experiencing are turning into actual thoughts of what people are thinking. He is “The Thoughts Listener”.

And a link to the first chapter. It’s pretty new so it’s the only chapter I’ve posted at the moment.


Welcome to the forum :sunny:

Welcome! I like your story so far. You do a good job building the world and setting the scene. And I like that Jayce has learned so many good coping skills, despite his trauma. It shows a lot of emotional growth already and I would love to see how he got there, and how his coping skills help him with his upcoming adventure.

I added a trigger warning because of the sexual assault scene.

Thank you for your warm welcome!


Welcome. It’s good. I like it so far.

I should do that with the first chapter of my book. If it gained any interest maybe I would be motivated enough to finish it.


@TomCat please do! I love stories!


Sorry, I forgot to mention that inappropriate content about the story!:confounded:

No worries, it’s added now and everything is good

My book isn’t fiction so I can’t post it on this site. I have written four chapters. It’s 45 pages in Word.

The first chapter describes my worst psychotic episode. I wrote it with the intent of giving the reader an idea of what it feels like to be psychotic so I don’t really start telling my story until chapter 2.

I still have 10 years worth of illness and recovery to write about.

But I emailed what I have to a publisher today and they said they would review it and provide feedback.

It’s with Mascot Books if anyone else wants to try it. You can email them what you have. I may never hear back though. We will see.

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