Started Vraylar. Expensive dental work. Relapsed (TW drugs)

Hi, it’s been a long time since my last visit. Hope you all are fine.

A week ago I was very depressed, suicidal, took some opium, snorted a gram of heroine and was a wreck. The day after I contacted my Pdoc and asked for Vraylar, I got it instantly instead of my Olanzapine. I began my opioid maintenance therapy again (suboxone).

The day after i noticed that my otherwise chronic sadness was replaced by af mild melancholy, and the suicidal ideation was gone. The only side effect was nausea and a bit of insomnia.

Today I was at the dentist. He said my teeths were ruined by medicine. When I was young I took some medicine that caused teeth grinding. It will cost about 23.000 dollars to get them fixed (not to mention the pain, time and so on)

If it had happened a week ago, i dont know how i would react, but today it increased my stamina. I want to get it fixed, one way or another, and contacted several people about advice, and most importantly - I didn’t relapse into drugs again. I dont need that sh*t anymore, and the next step is to stop my suboxone.

Take care out there.


Hey, @bluebutterfly, I’ll give you the same advice that was just given me. Call up your local dental college and see if they’ll do the dental work at reduced rates. Or go to the HRSA health center website and see if you can find a cheap dentist or one that takes your insurance.

It’s a shame about the drugs; I hope you abstain from them from now on and get back on track.


Thanks @77nick77

I will, and i don’t think i will relapse into drugs again. I have never been really addicted, its just when the ■■■■ hit the fan, that im looking for a relieve.

I dont have any cravings right now even my situation is a mess, maybe because of Vraylar.

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Good to hear that you won’t relapse.

My mom also had a lot of dental work done and it’s expensive. Good luck in getting it fixed.


Good job on that