Started Pristiq?

I am just starting this med and feeling some anxiety… does this pass with time?

yup mine did


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It’s a pretty good one as far as SSRIs are concerned. I might give it time

Your on Prozac though…

Pristiq is an SNRI

Yea I like Prozac, it’s better for OCD in my opinion. I tried pristique a year or so ago, and I liked it. Very few side effects. I was psychotic though and eventually my paranoia got the better of me and I stopped all meds. But I remember that it was a good one. It’s new and improved Effexor

Yes. I’m a little sketchy about it effecting norepinephrine, as that can energize. I like a little energizer, but if I can’t sleep, it’s going to be a problem.

I honestly don’t remember it affecting me negatively. I mean they all have at least something that you can find wrong with them. Prozac causes weight gain and sexual dysfunction. The pristique was mild for me though. I was given a starter pack and was on it for about a month. I don’t remember if it affected my sleep or not.

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It’s just that it’s a newer one and I trust the older ones more. But it was better than viibryd and Brintellix. Those were horrible

Thanks gorilla :wink:


I guess if you’re really depressed than a little extra boost in the neurepinefrine could pull you out of it faster.

Or wire my brain up so the hallucinations never shut up.

We will see how I sleep tonight, it’s still day one.

You got it @samp I hope I helped. Choosing an anti depressant is tough because there are so many good choices. Not like the atypicals :joy: I had forgotten about pristique until I saw your post and was like, oh yea that was a good one!

Well good luck. I guess you’ll find out in a couple days. You can always switch even though it sucks playing the guessing game. I thought it was a pretty smooth drug though

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Works for depression, but I need a couple antipsychotic meds for the voices, paranoia, etc