Started my new internship today

At the nature center…Paid internship. I got there and removed candles from pumpkins, seperating ones that had already been lit from ones that were new. They were surprised how quick I was. Then she had me dumping things into the dumpster. She said I wouldn’t finish by 2 but I finished at 12:45 so they let me go. It was nice there. It was hard work but I enjoyed it.

On wednesday I help out this girl with the animals, excited for that.

Overall it was a good experience. Woooo.


Congratulations my friend! Happy for you, sounds really interesting and not only that but a good thing for the soul.

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happy for you man



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Sounds good!! :sunny:

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Congrats :smiley:

Thanks guys :astonished:

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I’m so happy for you TTP, your out in the world doing your thing. :thumbsup:


Atta boy! Great shtuff!!

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**Well done! :ok_woman: **

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