Started my diet tonight

It’s the DASH diet:

Boy, if I can eat like I ate tonight, it’s going to be a great diet. Two fish sandwiches, coleslaw and a cup of peas. I’m still full. We’ll see.


Good luck with your new diet @77nick77.


Yeah the DASH diet is one of the better diets out there.
Best of luck with it @77nick77!


Going on a diet is like buying a treadmill.

You do it for two weeks then it goes under your bed and gathers dust for 3 years. Then you sell it for a song to the next guy who does the same thing.


I thought a diet is more like a bowling ball. Heavy and hurts when you kick it.

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This is good man. I want to start pre preparing my meals for each week. Bodybuilder style. 3 or 4 squares a day of chicken, veg and rice.

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Good man. The diet will give you something positive to focus on. Just look at it as a fun hobby rather than hard work.

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