Started cycling again

Decreased my risperidone dose too soon.
Started mood cycling again.
It’s only been a small decrease, so tomorrow I’m going back up to 5mg.

And I was doing so well, handling my Moms passing.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll be stable again on 5mg.


It’s probably not a good time to go down on your medication when you have so much going on.

Good that you went back up.
Hope you feel stable again soon.

Did your mum die?

Love :two_hearts: to you :ocean:.

I don’t know how I would cope with such a loss.


Yes my Mom died recently.
I should have never gone down in dose but it was a tiny decrease and I still went sideways.
Tomorrow I’ll go back to 5mg.

Hopefully I’ll be ok.
I should have known better.


Thank you @SacredNeigh7


Sorry for your loss :ocean:.

You are amazing to be getting through this.


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