Start over?

Is there a way I can convince my new psychiatrist to take me off all medications for a authentic psychiatric evaluation. Just really want to know what is wrong with me. I was diagnosed with different symptoms at different times now I think they are just writing down what the last person said. I was diagnosed as bipolar with PTSD, BIPOLAR WITH PSYCHOTIC TENDENCIES, Bipolar I and Bipolar 2 Major Depression even once schizophrenia was put out there. I take more meds for schizophrenia than for anything else but labeled as bipolar with PTSD as of date.
I just want to take some charcoal pills and pull the drugs out my system because I feel crazy. I know it will mean hospitalization because I have a violent tendencies but I want to truth not a pass along.

I’ve thought about doing this before, too. But more because I have a lot of random things in my chart. I don’t even care, though. They give be the meds that help and that’s all that matters.

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