Start of a manic episode?

As some of you are aware i woke up this morning with a pretty good mood. i joined a dating site and i started talking to this guy…and he asked for my number i have not given it to him i said i;d like to get to know him first… so obviously i’m thinking rationally… he seems decent only he’s a different religion and i don’t know if it will work anyhow i’m excited about the whole thing which kinda concerns me…

What makes you think that’s the start of manic episode? The fact that you were able to sleep is a good indication you’re probably not manic.

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I never had problem with sleep even when manic. Not everyone gets every single symptom listed.

could be the start of a manic episode also could just be your in a good mood from a good day. Usually when i have manic episodes my mind races and i can’t keep still. Different religions sometimes work, my mom is catholic and my dad is baptist. My brother and i were raised baptist though.

If you’re worried about being manic talk to your doctor, i’m sure he/she can do something to help.

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It could be a bit of some hypomania - I for one rarely feel natural happiness, when I feel joy or happiness its usually connected to hypomania or mania

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Often sleep disturbances are the first sign of mania coming in. Usually a few days before hand. So broken, , restless sleep the likes.

You can also be proactive and talk to your pdoc on it. Maybe a med tweak might be in order. Or at the least put your mind to rest.

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I’m glad your keeping an eye on the mood… it’s good to keep an eye on things. If it is a hypomania… keep an eye out… but why not enjoy a little…

if it’s a nice sunny day and the weather is good… you could just be hitting a nice natural genuine good mood.

I’d say enjoy… Carpe Diem… as long as your not feeling out of control… or doing anything rash… why not?

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All PDFs

I hope you find then helpful.

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