Start classes in December

So i start my counseling classes in December. I need to get a B or higher to boost my GPA to get into the masters program. I got the textbook a month early and started reading it. Its gonna be tough. My attention span is that of a gnat. My focus is terrible. But hell or highwater im gonna get my freakin masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Very cool and wish you well with it all. Be kind to yourself and do the little things and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


That sounds awesome. I was going to school to prep for a masters in art therapy, but i got overwhelmed and unsure i could even handle the masters program anyway.

Yeah. We will see how this goes. I can barely read as it is. Im going to have to force myself to sit down a read big chunks at a time. It aint gonna be easy.

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I believe in you!

Haha. Thats makes one!

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Wish you luck… attention span and focus are trainable. Not like you were before I guess, but still there is a long way to go on these two.

Good luck. I want to do similar studies one day.

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That sounds challenging to me but maybe it would work out for you. I’m really happy for you that you have something meaningful to do with your time. Congratulations for the December start.

Thanks @LittleMissSlothy . It is definitely going to be a challenge. But i need a challenge

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Very cool. Good to hear success stories.

That’s a great attitude! I hope you succeed! Good luck!

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Well. Its not a success story yet. I have to get good grades so i can get into grad school. Im doing all this and i cant even hold down a full time job. But ive always wanted to be a therapist so im hoping that it will just work out


I hope you do well @pasteyface. Good luck!


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