Starseed alien thing

So last summer I had a huge revelation about myself, that my soul originated from another dimension or system. Studied it hard. Now lately I’ve been getting so many messages about it. Aliens popping up in conversations everywhere I go, images, etc. So many random things I can’t even keep track of. Last night I looked up at the night sky and saw Sirius and felt a huge sense of belonging. It’s in the canis major constellation. Dogs are my passion and I want to be a dog trainer for a living. Theres something substantial here


It’s schizophrenia. I used to think my soul came from a dying star from the 9th dimension, like wtf. No.


Well at least it’s not just me, heh. I’m new to this diagnosis so I am not sure what to do. I am on 400 mg seroquel now and it helped for about a week and now I’m back to obsessively finding ‘answers’

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We aren’t supposed to encourage delusions, but I’ve had thoughts similar to those. It’s just bogus thoughts that your brain is making up. You will get over them.


How do you know a line between spirituality and delusion?

Welcome to the community. I’ve been plagued by alien crap for a quarter century. Meds and therapy really do help and I live a productive life now despite having some leftover symptoms.


What about aliens plagues you?

I hear them talking to me through electronics. I have a cardiac pacemaker and I have delusions that it’s actually their implant, that I don’t need a pacemaker, but it’s how they limit me physically and control me. Delusions about Earth being colonized. Low rent X-Files crap that is actually kind of funny now that I have insight. I know it’s not real and I push it aside and go on with my life.


I can relate to some of that. Do you actually hear them talking or are they sending you messages through tv and songs ? That’s how I’m getting it. I rarely actually hear voices so far. But I’ve been on seroquel for a few years now.

Also I feel like I AM an alien somehow. And earth is like this weird simulation. For years now I’ve had random thoughts that make me obsessively question reality and I got interested in philosophy for this reason. But once I found there are no concrete answers I started questioning if anything I see is real at all. I don’t feel like it is anymore.

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I really don’t want to go too deep into comparing symptoms. Let’s just say, I feel ya and leave it at that. My most often used simile for describing SZ is this:

Our subconscious is like the nuclear reactor that powers our mind. In neurotypicals, what happens in the subconcious generally stays there, except for when we’re in dream states that are naturally occurring (sleep) or induced (hypnotics, drugs). For those of us with SZ, our containment systems leak and we have unconcious radiation contaminating our concious thinking.

Meds are your primary line of defence as they give you insight into the nature of your hallucinations and delusions. Therapy and CBT give you the tools you need to get the most mileage you can out of that insight on the lowest dose of meds possible.

Need to go work on some photos for a client so I’m off for the rest of the evening. Again, welcome.



Thank you- love the simile !

Maybe you’re just real creative . Write a book

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I’ve also had alien problems - grey aliens mainly.
I used to believe I was a star seed. That it was related to gnosticism somehow and the divine spark. I could feel wings like phantom limbs. I thought that’s why I was maybe being harassed in my mind by the greys. Because I was becoming enlightened or something.


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