Staring at nothing

i find myself a lot just staring ahead at a wall or something and just blank not moving , just kinda like a statue,

im guessing this is a negative symptom?

It probably is, I find myself staring at walls all the time, motionless.
Sometimes when I finally come through I’ll be holding my ankle, keeping my leg up with my hand.

yeah its odd almost like the brain just shuts off

It is very odd, especially since that’s how it feels.

I do that often. I’ve always thought it was catatonic related.

Maybe you’re over-medicated.

I’m not medicated myself, period. So I doubt its medication related for him.

i dont take any anti psychotics, just take 6 grams of niacin every day

@Peavy and @anon31257746 ,
I’m jealous. I wish I weren’t medicated, but my husband insists on it.

for myself , the niacin works 99% on all the positive symptoms but doesnt do much for the negatives

Sorry for my ignorance, but could you explain the difference between positive and negative symptoms?

Positive symptoms are heavy indicators of a psychotic disorder. Negative symptoms are symptoms but can be found in a non-ill person. <- more detail here

no worries, im still learning myself

positive : voices, delusions, visual hallucinations , hallucinations and delusions of the 5 senses

negative: lack of motivation , depression, anhedonia (everything doesnt seem very joyful anymore as it once was), staring at walls (catatonia)

i also get periods where my emotional range completely disappears, i almost lose all range in my vocal chords , its one of the worst symptoms for me cuz one day i can totally talk with enthusiasm and a full voice and the next i am completely flat

@Peavy and @levelJ1,

Thanks so much!

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I call this my memory wipe. I’m talking, I’m thinking and then swish… I’m frozen waiting for the reboot I guess. I’m blanking out. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to. There were times when I’d freeze, staring at nothing and when I came back into my head… I’d wonder why and how I got to the kitchen or hall, and what was I doing and on and on…

For me it was part of the negative symptoms. As I got out of the negative symptoms… it was happening much less. It still happens, but not as often and not as long. I’ll just have a few seconds of “what? what am I doing?” then I can get back to myself a little easier.

Good luck…

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When I was at the toughest of times and was basically stuck, I would use whatever tricks that I could come up with.

If I had to do something, for instance, but I did not have the energy to do it, I would say to myself that I just can’t do it. That instantly took a load off my back, and so much so that I was then able to do the task at hand.

Sounds stupid, but it worked.

Yeah I’ve had it since I was a kid as well

I also do the whole zoning out thing. Teachers called my mother concerned for my health. Ha!
But I also did this thing where when I was laying down, I would get these urges to just stick my arms up in the air in weird positions. That’s likely a catatonic symptom, though I am diagnosed disorganized. That kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore.
I think the staring at nothing is common for schizophrenics. It could seem like a catatonic symptom, but it’s likely just a general one.