StarCraft bad habits

I have bad habits in StarCraft. I always use all army hotkey. Or just hotkey one group. And I never use camera locations. My gameplay is not good :frowning: I’m gold terran

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I try to play everyday . But my gameplay sucks. When I will play better

I don’t know how to deliberately practice my skills for this game

I used to play starcraft 1 when it came out in 1997. There aren’t nearly as many players for the 2nd one was there was for the first. Kind of interesting. First year, there was a decent amount and now most of them faded away

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Today i learned new strategy or tactic with terran. i spread tanks and play defensivle build turrets all hotkeys and upgrade everything. win two games in a row today unranked

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but its hard to play more games i played two in a row with short breaks… second game was 20 minujtes long .it was hard game. but i figured how to win

Nice, man keep it up. I usually use a well balanced army, I try to win at least midgame

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i won 3 games today two unranked and one ranked … my strategy is improved.

i love terran

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