Star wars or Star trek


Yeah same here, Michael Shanks is a great actor.


Star Trek DS9 is the BEST of the entire series. You can’t convince me otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it is



Star wars all the way!


The first Star Trek movie was a sleeper but I enjoyed the series and the later movies. I thought all the Star Wars movies were good.


I used to be a huge sci fi fan. Star wars was my favourite and star trek a close second. But after the recent movies I’m no longer a star wars fan.


I prefer Star Wars. Never really got into Star Trek.


I didn’t feel that the new ones did the originals justice, I agree


Same here, but I also got inyo DS9 big time


Never heard of DS9. What is that. Netflix series?


Star trek deep space nine, it was a tv show in the 90’s


Oh okay. I probably saw it but don’t remember.


Thanks 15151515


The Trekkies have us outnumbered it would seem


Sci fan but neither of the above. Star wars too generic and lack of depth. Star Trek just not a fan. I’m more the Doctor Who type person.


Darn, I had you specifically pegged as a Star Wars fan because of your name!


Neither for me too.

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Doctor Who
  • Supernatural

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